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Viscose Fabric

Viscose Fabric Supplier

Cagegory: Viscose Fabric
Material: Fabric

We are one of the leading Viscose fabric supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Our offered fabric is highly appreciated by clients for its best quality. It is one type of synthetic fiber consisting of long, narrow, hollow strands of polyester with its cuticle intact. Its name was derived from the Latin word 'vicious,' meaning handkerchief. It is typically manufactured from wood pulp and other agricultural products derived from woody plants. It has the same basic molecular structure as natural cellulose.

Viscose fabric features

Viscose fabric can be woven into various materials ranging from clothing and furniture to medical devices and aircraft parts. The fabric's distinct feature is that it provides a very high stretchability, which makes it ideal for sports apparel use.

Viscose fabric characteristics

Viscose is a generic term given to several threads of polyester, nylon, and cotton spinning or knotted to provide a thread-like material. The form of a viscose fibre has a big impact on its physical qualities. It can be rough or smooth, shiny or matte, lightweight or heavy. Pure viscose has a silk like appearance. It has a glossy finish and is semitransparent. Special type of chemicals are used to minimise its natural gloss. It can be created using high-quality and durable materials. Viscose is a fabric that is both soft and breathable. This fabric is often used in high-end clothing items, such as shirts, dresses, pants, and even suits.

Viscose fabric application

Viscose is most commonly used in high-quality sportswear because of its durability and comfort. Because viscose has a water absorbing characteristics, it is consider as breathable fabric, it can help you stay cool on hot days.This fabric is often used to make golf shirts, shirts, polos, hats, sweatpants. It is also used for home textile, footwear or fashion wear.  Other fabrics can also be created with Viscose threading, including denim, skirts, and capris. You can also find this fabric mixed with other types of materials such as cotton and polyester to create many different layering types.

Premium quality Viscose fabric

In addition to being used for high-quality clothing, Viscose is also used in everyday clothing because of its comfort and lightness. Because of its flexibility, Viscose is often used in many casual garments and even in some casual dress clothing. It can easily be made into several different fabrics. One of the most common types of Viscose fabric is made from cotton and combines with a synthetic material to create a very comfortable and breathable fabric.

Choose the best Viscose fabric supplier

Established as a viscose fabric supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India, Our offered viscose fabrics are affordable and durable with rich colors. It works to daily wear, drapes nicely, and is pleasant to the touch. However, you need take proper care of your viscose fabric to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Furthermore clients can avail best quality viscose fabric at market leading prices from us.

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