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Nylon Fabric

Nylon Fabric

Cagegory: Nylon Fabric
Material: Fabric

Known as a leading nylon fabric manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we provide the best quality Nylon Fabrics to our clients. Our offered fabric is known for its smoothness, silky surface and endurable texture. They are knitted from premium quality yarns and we make available them in various shades, colours and other specifications given by clients.   

Nylon fabric characteristics

Nylon fabric is used for different types of consumer and apparel goods. This material is highly synthetic and it is a good alternative for silk. This new class of synthetic fiber is gaining popularity in the market and is demanded in the fashion industry for many types of dressing apparel. It has many commercial and industrial usage because of its waterproof texture. 

Nylon was originally developed in the United States, and it is a kind of polymer, most of it was derived from polyamide monomers that are extracted from crude oil. Nylon is usually mixed with other fabrics to create mixed textiles and then it is dyed to be used for other purposes.

Nylon fabric application

Silk stockings and socks were used before the development of nylons. Silk material stockings were not durable and were also very expensive but when nylon came into the picture it became very popular in the developed world. It is the most common and best material used by nylon fabric manufacturers for the stockings because of its fabric durability, and perfect fit. It is also very popular in sportswear for enhanced elasticity and lightness.

Cost of the Nylon fabric

Due to its relatively low cost, it is very affordable and the production of its materials is also not very expensive, which is the primary benefit of using nylons. When the material is mixed with other fabrics it is even more inexpensive.


1.        High tear strength

2.        Highly durable

3.        Knitted using only superior yarns

4.        Fine and soft texture

5.        Perfect finish

6.        Silky luster

Nylon Fabric Manufacturer

Our Nylon fabrics are crafted using quality material and modern techniques. We always design our fabric as per the latest market trends and industrial standards. That is why they are highly appreciated by customers. We are one of the leading Nylon fabric manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we make available our nylon fabric in various sizes and colours. Contact us to buy the best quality Nylon Fabric.

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