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Laser Fabric

Laser Cutting Fabric

Cagegory: Laser Fabric
Material: Fabric

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Laser Cutting Fabric supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Our Laser engraving fabric can provide a tactile effect with an unparalleled high-quality finish. Laser technology has made the manufacturing of various fabrics such as silk, sarees, denim, cotton, leather and other clothing materials to be produced much more easily. The laser is an energy source, whose intensity and power can be controlled depending on the work. This technology is gaining wide popularity in many industries like textile, leather, and garment industries due to its efficiency, optimum quality, and accuracy advantages as it can cut a variety of objects ranging from flexible fabric to strong metals.

It is a cheaper method of cutting as compared with the traditional cutting methods. It is a non-contact and tool-free process that can cut the material faster than any other technology.

Laser Cutting Fabric Characteristics

Laser technology is very simple and fast to use on any textile fabric, it makes human work much easier and gives better accuracy than any best designer can because of the integrated computer design used in the technology. It can design and produce the product at the same time. The product quality is of excellent and has no fabric fraying in synthetic fibers which makes the usage very clean, lint-free, and gives finely cut edges. It is a contactless, wear-free technique with high working speed and is also cost-saving as it makes no wastage of the material. It is skin-friendly, very light in weight so you can carry it according to your needs, and it also provides long service life.

Advantages of laser technology in the clothing industry:

The laser beam used by major laser cutting fabric supplier cuts the material very smoothly which has perfect end sealed edges. The products are given a special finish to give you a unique look. It is a productive and speedy way of processing that provides a high-quality product. Contactless machining puts no resistance on the machine which makes the product even better. Designs in laser cutting fabrics are automatically adjusted and there is no need for positioning.

Can all materials be lasered equally well?

If the correct laser technology and the lens is used every clothing material can be lasered equally well. The technology responds best to synthetic fabrics and plastic material very well like polyester material. The laser beam melts polyester and nylon fabric in a controlled manner and provides fiber-free sealed edges. Designs of your choice, logos, and lettering can be enriched easily with a screen-like finish design. Every material is safe to laser technology and can be used like normal material. It is the better version of clothing.

Choose The Best Laser Cutting Fabric Supplier

Known as a leading Laser Cutting Fabric supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India, our quality Laser Engraving Fabrics are highly appreciated among customers for their quality, smoothness and finish. We are offering premium fabrics to customers with free shipping worldwide. The clients can avail of these products as per their requirements. 

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