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Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard Fabric

Cagegory: Jacquard Fabric
Material: Fabric

We are one of the leading Jacquard Fabric manufacturers, supplier and exporter in India, our offered jacquard fabrics are useful in various purposes. They are used for furnishing, home decor, curtain and sofa cover. Our fabrics are highly appreciated for their attractive designs, vibrant colours and floral patterns. Jacquard Fabric is a kind of textile featuring an intricate woven pattern embossed on the outer wrap of a particular fabric instead of printed onto its underside. This new technique gave a rich, luxurious look to any piece used on its characteristic shiny, shimmering finish. It was often compared to silk and even to cashmere, as the softness and richness made up for the extra sheen. 

History of Jacquard Fabric

The most significant advancement that Jacquard Fabric brought to industrial textile fabrics was developing a technique in which the different fabric pieces could be easily separated, giving a different texture and appearance to each piece. The method worked perfectly well in creating fine-looking dresses and allowed individual makers to develop much more detailed and intricate designs, like those seen in modern-day wedding pictures. Two main types of Jacquard Fabric existed at this time: one side showed the printed pattern, while the other side showed the design embroidered in the fabric itself. There were also double-sided varieties, which had the leading custom embroidered on both sides of the material, similar to quilting, becoming popular in the 19th century.

Popularity of Jacquard Fabric

Although the first jacquards to bear his name were made from cotton, there was no end to the designers' creativity, and the resulting cloths and tapestries were some of the most lavish and luxurious available. Jacquard became even more popular with the advent of the Industrial Revolution with steam technology in England when several jacquard fabric manufacturers and suppliers started to offer them cheaper. With more affordable materials and increased mass production, Jacquard became even more popular, and it is not surprising that it reached almost universal popularity in the Industrial Age.

Jacquard Fabric Application

Jacquard Fabric had become very popular. In the following decades, its popularity only grew; it became standard in many formal dress styles and is now used to make everything from shirts and suits to bedspreads and quilts.

Find the best Jacquard Fabric Manufacturers

We are top Jacquard fabric manufacturers, supplier and exporter in India, offering premium quality jacquard fabric in weave and dyed type with beautiful design. We work with our clients to understand his expectation. That is why we offer the same jacquard fabric like sheets, duvets and pillowcases in a variety of measurements. Jacquard is also made with a raised quilted effect. Woven in solid colours, made using silk, cotton, wool, viscose fabric and available in all types of designs, from graphic to floral. Our team of experts have complete knowledge and know-how of the whole process right from the weaving to final shipment.  We can also weave various types of colours and designs as per client requirements.

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