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Date : 2022-07-04 | Category : Fabric Collections

Top Summer Fabrics to Beat the Heat

Summer is in full flow, which means it's time to pick your clothes carefully. Summers may be tough on our clothes because it's an officially sweaty season, so it's essential to select your best fabric carefully before updating your summer wardrobe. Cotton, linen, khadi and Georgette Fabrics are known for their lightness and are consequently essential in every wardrobe. Summer is all about bright and pastel colours, so be your trendy best with these stunning and cool summer fabrics. Our handpicked selection of the top ten fabrics will assist you in making your decision.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the most widely used and popular fabrics in the country. It is worth purchasing because it is breathable. Because of the microscopic holes in the cloth, it is comprised of fibrous balls and is breathable.
Linen Fabric
Linen, which is manufactured using flax fibres, is recognised for keeping you cool even on the warmest summer days. The fact that linen is both sturdy and breathable makes it a popular choice in the summer.
Khadi Fabric
Khadi, as we know it, is a handmade cotton cloth that came to fame during the Indian Swadeshi movement. It's fashionable and cool, and it'll keep you relaxed all day.
Silk Fabric
Silk is a fantastic summer material. Its antimicrobial characteristics allow for optimal airflow and make wearing it simple.
Organza Fabric
Organza sarees have become popular among celebs. Organza is a very light and airy fabric that is ideal for the summer. It's a sheer fabric made traditionally of silk.
Chiffon Fabric
When it comes to sartorial choices, another lightweight and light fabric that helps our summer be pleasant and hassle-free is chiffon fabric. Silk, rayon, or a synthetic material like polyester can be used. It looks adaptable and elegant because of the use of multi-filament yarns.
Georgette Fabric
Georgette is a very popular and common fabric for our hot days. Georgette fabric is created of silk or synthetic threads and is renowned for its thin, free-flowing, and soft substance.
Crepe Fabric
Crepe is a lightweight and delicate fabric recognised for its flowy silhouette and lighter texture, making it an excellent choice for dressmaking. It doesn't have the same glossy as satin, but it has a similar texture in other ways.
Chambray Fabric
Chambray is a lighter alternative to denim that is ideal for summer attire. We all like our denim jackets, but they can't be worn in the summer, so chambray is the ideal option for maintaining the denim appearance. It's light and airy, and the finish keeps your body cool.
Viscose Fabric
Viscose fabric is made up of both organic and synthetic materials, making it ideal for summer days and nights. It does not absorb the heat and is ideal for sportswear because it is made of a breathable fabric that prevents overheating.