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Date : 2021-10-04 | Category : Fabric Collections

How to source quality fabrics?

Choosing the perfect fabric for your needs is the foundation for beginning a small fabric shop, creating your ideal outfit, or launching your own clothing brand. Where does one begin while looking for fabrics?

We'll go over the What, Where, and Why of fabric sourcing in this blog article. Continue reading to find out!


The first thing to consider is the type of fabric you'll need for your project. Some fabrics have a higher mass than others, and they may not be suitable for all tasks. If you wish to start sewing new curtains, for example, a thicker fabric will not work for your project; instead, use a lightweight fabric like cotton or Jacquard. Satin or Silk, on the other hand, would not be suitable for producing pants or sportswear because they lack the flexibility that denim or viscose provide.

Apart from the fabric's weight and flexibility, there are various other elements to consider. Consider the fabric thickness and how it will affect the drape of your fabric.

For example, if you were making a saree out of silk, you would choose a lighter, more breezy fabric, whereas if you were making pillow covers and bedspreads out of silk, you would use a thicker fabric. So, before you choose a fabric for your project, consider its weight, thickness, drape, and flexibility.


Fabric can be found in a variety of places depending on your needs. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Online

As a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, online shopping and e-commerce have grown in popularity due to their convenience. You can buy your dream cloth in a single click instead of standing in lines and leafing through textiles in the heat. Here's a guide to buying fabrics online that will help you have the most enjoyable online fabric shopping experience imaginable!!

2. Shops

There is a well-known fabric shop in each city or town that everyone frequents. Don't underestimate these fabric stores as old-fashioned or traditional since their collections may surprise you! These shops specialise in stocking up on fabrics and are frequently up-to-date with their supply. The benefits of shopping for textiles in-store include being able to touch and feel the items before making a purchase, and occasionally an unexpected item can capture your attention and inspire a new project!

3. Weavers

Weavers in some areas form a community where you can seek them out and get your textiles. The advantages of buying fabric directly from the manufacturer are that you may receive the best items and even create your own fabric if you order in volume. You'll also be supporting an artisanal community and taking a sustainable approach to fabric procurement!

4. Expos

Trade exhibitions and expos are sometimes held to showcase the commodities of exhibitors from many cities in one location. This allows you to go through a variety of fabrics and compare them to the ones that will work best for your project. However, be aware of the things sold at expos and inspect them properly before purchasing, since some sellers may sell broken or counterfeit goods at exaggerated prices.


The most critical stage, like with any project, is to find the raw materials. Only if the base is of good quality will the finished result be of good quality! Fast fashion and mass-produced materials are becoming substantial contributors to the planet's environmental destruction.

So, if you have the choice, use sustainable techniques and materials that are created slowly. Furthermore, the fast fashion industry exploits and drives away artists who have spent their lives studying and perfecting their craft and who have generations of experience in their field. The work of India's crafters reflects the country's rich cultural legacy, which must be preserved.

GetMyFabric is a brand that prides itself on having a positive social impact. Our materials are obtained directly from traditional weaving communities across India, with the goal of making sustainable options more accessible! Take a look at our extensive fabric selection.