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Date : 2022-01-22 | Category : Fabric Collections

Everything About Georgette Fabric

Georgette Fabric

We are always facing questions like what is the difference between 80 gsm and 100 gsm georgette and how is jacquard fabirc different from viscose fabirc, which prompted us to make a blog post about this incredibly realistic georgette fabric for everyone to read.

Georgette is a semi-sheer or sheer woven fabric with a tiny pebble texture made of silk or polyester.  Generally silk or polyester are used to make georgette fabric. It is used to construct tunics, shirts, skirts, and even trousers in the western world. It's ideal for sarees, anarkalis, salwar kameez, and lehenga cholis, but it may also be used to produce kurtis, salwar kameez, and tunics for casual wear.

Pure Georgette Silk Fabric: Pure fabrics are the highest quality and are fashioned from silk threads. Designers can experiment with pure georgette fabric in various weights, such as 60 grammes, 80 grammes, and 100 grammes, to create a variety of ensembles. The thickness of the fabric is the difference between 60 grammes, 80 grammes, and 100 grammes pure georgette fabric. 60 GSM, 80 GSM, and 100 GSM are other terms for the same thing. The abbreviation GSM stands for grammes per square metre. The thickest and heaviest is 100 grammes, while the thinnest and lightest is 60 grammes. The sheer effect of 60 grammes is more than that of 100 grammes. When draped, the heavier fabric will fall differently than the lighter one. Because more warp and weft yarn is utilised to manufacture the fabric, the price of 100 grammes is higher than 60 grammes.

Polyester Georgette Fabric - Fabrics made of polyester (artificial) are the most cost-effective and best substitute for pure fabrics. Polyester fabric is woven from synthetic fibre that is cheaper and non-dyeable, whereas Viscose fabric is woven from man-made regenerated cellulose fibre that absorbs moisture and can be easily coloured.

Georgette Fabric with us

We are not only offering you many options of pure, viscose, and polyester Georgette fabrics, but we also have a variety of additional Georgette blends such as satin, foil, and shimmer. We have perfected the skill of numerous sorts of Georgettes as the leader fabric industry. It's available in a variety of solid colours, patterns, and embroidery styles.

On the georgette fabric, various threads, pearls, zari, and other embroidered work are widely available. With us, you can get the season's most fashionable look. Choose the most appropriate colour and pattern for your chosen fabrics from a variety of fabric designs and patterns.